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From an aerial view of Orange Beach it looks like a shark infestation and this "rare event" is making headline news again today as the double red flag danger warning continues. Interviews with people who are at Orange Beach today indicate that they are aware of the sharks and most are heeding the warning, reports "Fox and Friends" on Tuesday June 10. The stretch of beach that is under this warning, remains closed today.

At the height of this swarm, which was seen on Sunday, there were about 150 sharks swarming around Perdido Pass, according to AL.com on June 9. This "rare event" has been monitored by the helicopters flying over the beach periodically in the last few days and the sharks are slowly moving out of the area, with the latest sighting of 20 sharks seen in the area just west of Flora-Bama to the Gulf State Park Pier on Monday night.

The sharks range in size from three to five feet and no one has gotten close enough to the creatures yet to identify what type of sharks are hanging around. The monitoring of the sharks has all been done by air and Orange Beach Safety Director, Melvin Sheppard, said that "from up in the air or standing on the beach it is hard to tell" what species of sharks are out there. On Sunday they looked as though they had made a temporary home for themselves in the Orange Beach area, but today they are leaving the area, with some still hanging around.

NewsMax reports that the sharks may have been drawn to the area due to "dead fish," but why there is dead fish in the water wasn't explained. The sharks will be gone soon and the double red flag warning will be lifted once the coast is clear.

The director emphasized that the entire beach is not closed with the only areas that are off-limits being Alabama Point on the East side, and the first Shell parking lot. He said the rest of the beach remains open. Unfortunately when people hear the word shark, many are fearful of going swimming anywhere near an area that sharks are swarming.

So what brought the sharks into shore? According to another article from AL.com, people throwing fish carcasses in the water may have drawn the sharks to the area. While the Director of the Orange Beach area said that people throwing fish carcasses may be the culprit in the influx of sharks, they stopped short on saying why they were throwing the carcasses in the water and where those fish came from. The bottom line seems to be is that no one is quite sure why the sharks have come to Orange Beach.

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