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If it's lunch time it must be time for Trending Tickers; your daily look at what investors are searching for on Yahoo Finance. Making the list today:

Molson Coors () is making all-time highs today. The growth — up 26% so far this year— is in part due to increased international sales and also helped by an improving employment picture here at home. When Americans have disposable income, they use it to buy beer. It's as simple as that. Molson Coors, the second largest beer company in North America, has had a better year than their top 15 competitors worldwide. The next round is on you, Molson Coors.

B/E Aerospace () is down about 4% today on news that it would be splitting in two. B/E makes the seats and airplane interiors that have turned air travel into the sensual bliss we all know and love. If you're able to count the toes on the foot of that kid kicking the back of your seat, you have B/E to thank. Now that division will be a free-standing entity, allowing the other part of the company to focus on distribution and logistics. Wall Street seems to have been hoping for more.

Chico's (), the woman's clothing maker for the mature yet fashionable set, is popping today on that the company will be sold to a private equity firm. The Fort Myers-based company is reportedly seeking a 30% premium for its over billion market cap. That's a whole lot of extra silk scarves and spanx for Chico's.

Those are your trending tickers for today — let us know which stocks you're watching using #TrendingTickers on Twitter.

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